A GH Poll: Where Should Dante’s Loyalty Be?

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I’m a General Hospital Brand Ambassador

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Thanks to the folks at MomCentral I am now happy to announce that I am an official Brand Ambassador for General Hospital. I wear the title proudly having watched the show my entire life. That means for the next few weeks I’ll get to take part in some very cool GH related stuff like getting the inside scoop on upcoming guests/storylines for General Hospital plus I’ll have the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the ABC Daytime marketing team (though I don’t think they’ll like my thoughts regarding Sonny).

That also means I can give you the lowdown on some cool contests happening via MomCentral and General Hospital such as this option sweepstakes going on now!

One lucky winner will be randomly selected to receive a trip to Los Angeles to visit the set of General Hospital and have a walk-on role. The sweepstakes is open until February 28th. Here is a link to our sign-up survey for this sweepstakes: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22A5X5XEZD9

Go ahead and do it now, I’ll wait here…

Ok great so now your entered. Well here’s to GH in all its super soapy daily drama! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to subscribe to the blog so that you too can be privy to all my soon to be insider information.

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other General Hospital branded items to facilitate my review.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

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Ok, so anyone who reads this blog know that most of my opinions tend to run on the, let’s say, snarky side? But when things in Port Charles are good, I’ll be the first to admit it. And I’ll be the first rant & rave about just how good it is. That being said, there is plenty of good, bad, and just plain ugly to go around. So let’s catch up on all three this week.

The Good: Lucky & Liz, Lucky & Liz, Lucky & Liz, Lucky & Liz. Ok, so for eons I have wondered how good it would be to have Jonathan Jackson back on the canvas (not to take anything away from the awesome Greg Vaughan who’s run as Lucky was only tainted by crappy writing). I have been a Liz hater for a long time now and truly feel the character is at her best when paired with Lucky. Seeing her sleep with Jason was lame, seeing her sleep with Nicholas was even worse and so now seeing her realize how bad she screwed up is refreshing.

One things GH does well, but doesn’t do often enough is use its rich and long history to add depth to current storylines. The flashbacks of the young Lucky and Elizabeth are adding a while new dimension to their current storyline and the writers are using the return of Jonathan Jackson for all it’s worth. I love the descent of both characters. But am loving even more the idea that somehow they’ll find their way back to each other.

The moment in the church at the end of Friday’s show was beautiful. AN already emotional scene made even more so by those flashbacks I mentioned was capped off by Lucky finding Liz’s lifeless body.

GH writers are using the history of these two characters to breath life into a highly charged an emotional storyline. I don’t say it often, but kudos GH writers. Kudos.

The Bad: Ok, now I’m not one to knock Patrick & Robin or anything. But I do feel it is my duty to give Patrick, Robin and the blond lady (Patrick’s friend, whatever her name is) my official eye roll of the week. I would offer more commentary about their storyline, but I’m not paying attention to it because I don’t really care.

The Ugly: Sonny and his bedtime story for Dante, who was stuck in his hospital bed, was pretty ridiculous even for Sonny. How many time are we supposed to swallow Sonny and his “Poor me” tale of woe? Suck it up and grow a pair Corinthos. You shot a cop, take responsibility for once!!

I must admit that I do love Dante and the implications of his paternity and the fact he’s a cop have such meaty potential for the entire canvas of the show are a huge part of what GH really has going for it right now. I don’t know if the writers are slowly moving us away from the mob storylines, and if they aren’t they should certainly think about doing so.

It’s no secret that many of us have long since lost our patience with Sonny’s organization. And the character of Sonny is layered and troubled enough to survive without the mob. That goes for Jason as well.

Wherever the writers are taking the show right now, I have to give them credit. They’ve got my attention. Now what they do with it remains to be seen…

An Open Letter

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Dear GH Writers,

Please be advised that this is a cease and desist letter. As a qualified big mouth and blogger whose opinions are not only valid but RIGHT, I feel that it is my responsibility to send you this. There are a number of items that have been overused, dragged out, beat to death or just plain work my nerves. These items are to be removed immediately or I will be forced to take serious action. The items are as listed,

  1. Sonny yelling. Sonny feaking out. Sonny growling, grunting, or clenching his teeth.
  2. The Mob. All of it. Russian, Italian, brain damaged former rich boys, and any other tie in to the mob. It is over, we are done, end it. I suggest a quick bomb blast as some mob meeting where everyone related to the mob is present.
  3. Did I mention Sonny?
  4. Women who have, currently are, might in the future ever sleep with Sonny. Beware ladies, he kills brain cells.
  5. The Zacharras, see item 2.
  6. Being willing to fork over the money to get Robert Scorpio on Night Shift, but not enough to have him be there on Robin’s wedding day.
  7. Thinking Patrick is going to miss the wedding when we’ve already seen a million ads showing us that he makes it.
  8. Sonny drinking. Sonny talking. Sonny breathing.
  9. Kate. Kate talking about Sonny. Kate talking to Sonny. Kate thinking about Sonny.
  10. Sonny in a tie.

Well, I hope you take these demands seriously. And please be aware, that this list is subject to additions.

There Ain’t No Justice After Limo Sex

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Ok. So Carly & Sonny have limo sex. And now, months later, the truth is revealed. So why exactly does Carly end up losing everything, while Sonny manages to glide through and get Kate to not only forgive him, but follow through with the wedding? Talk about Jack Ass, with a capital J. Sonny, not Kate. Kate would be Dumb Ass, with a capital D. I’m so done with Kate.

I think the award for the BEST DAMN SPEECH of 2008 goes to Diane for her VERY well deserved verbal smack down of Sonny. Check it below (gotta love youtube).

Kate should be on the last train back to Manhattan. And Carly shouldn’t be the only one suffering the consequences of the limo sex.

Whoever is writing for Diane, should be given artistic control over the whole damn show.

By the way, since I’m venting…

1. Robin, marry Patrick already.

2. Noah, the legendary ladies man fathered a child? Wow, shocking.

3. Liason. Give up, it’s over. Over Over over.

4. Jerry Jax must go.

Hey, where have I been?

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So I see that even though it’s been too long since I’ve updated this site, I’m still getting a lot of people visiting. I thought I’d let everybody know that other writing tasks (meaning paying gigs) have kept me form keeping my GH blog updated for the moment, including training to possibly be a guide for About.com’s All My Children site! This is great opportunity, and I really hope I get the gig! So all of my faithful GH readers, please keep your fingers crossed for me. If you have any suggestions as to what you want in a “All My Children” site, let me know!

Stay Soapy!

Who’s The Daddy Part XIII

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That’s right it’s yet another who’s the daddy story over in PC. In fact, you could even say that we began looking at your watch the minute the “limo sex” began. The rest is pretty much blah blah blah. Jax shared the possible pregnancy with Kate, like an idiot. Kate of course shared it with Sonny, who amazingly enough, figured that one and one can indeed make a baby… Carly put taking a pregnancy test off by saying she just needed time, so Jax backed off. Before she took a test, she had to consult with Diane who explained to Carly that if this baby was in fact Sonny’s, he would have full legal rights. When Sonny confronted Carly back at home, she him that if there was a baby, it was Jason’s. Sonny scoffed. Carly went to the penthouse with a  pregnancy test and  announced to Jason that they were going to see of they were going to have a baby.



Corey Feldman: Un GH related, But Still Good Drama

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For those of you who don’t know, I also write for a website called Reality Shack (see links) and I got to interview one of my favorite former teen heartthrobs, Corey Feldman for the site! If you are a reformed eighties teeny-bopper such as myself you’ll appreciate how much fun I had chattin with Corey Feldman!

My Favorite Corey    

Check it out!! Now if I could just score an interview with Steve Burton…

Crazy Stupid Emmys

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General Hospital? Best Show? Are they sure they were watching the right show? One Life To Live on the other hand, deserved every single award they got and a few more…

Spoilers + My Two Cents

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  • Jax thinks Carly shows all the signs of being knocked up (other than her having sex with Sonny)
  • Carly thinks Jax is out of his mind—until she begins rowfing left and right (and remembers having sex with Sonny)
  • Carly consults with Diane as to her parental rights if this unborn baby turns out to belong to Sonny too, Diane tells Carly that  Sonny’s renouncing custody of Michael and Morgan—won’t apply to a new baby (Duh)
  • Jax shares Carly’s possible pregnancy with Kate, who then shares it with Sonny (with Kate? Really Carly, how stupid are you?)
  • Sonny’s remebers his limo sex with Carly (Wow, stupido’s thinkin for a change)
  • Sonny confronts Carly about her pregnancy (Sonny? Carly? Confrontation? Is it noon already?)
  • Carly blames Jason for being knocked up. (Carly slept with Jason? Yea, if stupido buys that, I’ve got a bridge for sale….)
  • Carly asks Jason to pretend to be the father of her unborn baby, but he implores her to just tell the damned truth for once (And by implore I mean he says, “Bitch you’re crazy if you think I’m starting that again!)
  • Sonny brings up the question of paternity to Jax, which alerts him to Carly’s indiscretion (and away he goes)
  • Kate says yes to Sonny. But first, she insists he sign a prenuptial agreement (yea, she doesn’t want him to end up with her closet full of couture)
  •  Sonny and Kate work it out, but then Kate being  Kate, must plan her wedding like it’s Princess Di and Prince Charles. This overwhelms the understated, private Sonny (yea because it’s the first time he’s been married… in 2008… or is it? I can’t even remember!)
  • Jason Cook debuts as Dr. Matt, who will interact with Maxie (and the writers have him fall in love with Lulu so that he can end up with Maxie)
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